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Hidalgo County District Attorney

Protective Orders Mission Statement

Our Domestic Violence Unit provides assistance in obtaining a Protective Order for victims of family violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, indecent assault and human trafficking and assists victims in giving each victim a voice, ensuring the maximum protection for each victim and empowering and educating victims of domestic violence to break the cycle one family at a time.

What is a Protective Order?

A Protective Order:

  • Orders a person not to commit any more family violence.
  • Orders a person not to come within a certain distance of where the victim lives and works and of the victim’s children, their home, school or child care.
  • Orders a person not to communicate with the victim.
  • Prevents a person from harassing, annoying, alarming, abusing, tormenting or embarrassing the victim or any member of the victim’s family or household.

Who can Apply for a Protective Order?

A victim of:

    • Family violence
    • Dating Violence
    • Stalking
    • Sexual Assault
    • Human Trafficking




Application Process

How to Apply:

You can apply for a Protective Order at the Domestic Violence Unit located at the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s office, 100 E. Cano, 3rd Floor, Edinburg, Texas 78539.  

You (the applicant) will be required to fill out an application form giving us information on yourself and the person you are applying against (the respondent).  

An Advocate (interviewer) will meet with you and gather all the facts and information regarding your case. They will assist you with any questions you may have about the criminal justice system and the protective order process.

You will also be referred to various agencies for appropriate services.

Your application will be reviewed by an attorney as quickly as possible.  The attorney will contact you to discuss your application.

If we are unable to accept your application and file on your behalf, we will do our best to provide you resources to assist you.

You must be able to provide an address where the Respondent can be served.  If your application is accepted, the respondent must be served with the paperwork.    

You will need to bring your driver’s license or photo ID.  

Please provide our office with any police reports, case numbers or any prior court orders you may have.

Where to Apply:

What to Bring:

Have Questions? Please contact Us.

If you have any questions regarding the Protective Order application process, please contact our office at (956)292-7613.

If you have an emergency, please call 911 immediately.